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Women are on a constant quest to find the perfect swimsuit that flatters their shape. There are so many different body types. Women go through so many changes including puberty, pregnancy, post pregnancy, weight gain and loss…We have so many souvenirs in our pockets: wrinkles, age spots, scars, baby bulges... The good news is that there are many suits today that flatter, flatten, and fix problem areas (not flaws). We need to celebrate that women come in all different shapes and sizes.

It’s all about confidence! We don’t want our daughters to pick up any of our bad habits. It begins when we’re pregnant and right away we start taking better care of our bodies, then that care carries over on to our daughters and teaching them to have a healthy approach to food. If a mother has confidence, it is likely her daughter will too. All mothers want their children to be happy and proud of who they are and comfortable in their skin.
Most swimsuit patterns are designed to bring the focus up to the face. If you think about watching a ballet dancer, as beautiful as her feet are, your eyes still go to the face.
A swimsuit should fit comfortably and show your personal style and if it’s not comfortable, it’s not working! I used to lifeguard and remember after all day in just a suit, I didn’t even notice it wasn’t part of me; that’s because I had a comfortable one-piece that suited me the way a suit should.
I think of Europe and their carefree attitude about their bodies. It’s part of their culture that they are natural and free. America can take a cue and relax; the pool is fun, the beach is fabulous and if you’re lucky enough to go with the ones you love, they’ll just be looking at your face.

I’ve always believed with fashion, if it feels good and you love it then it’s working!
Just like my mom always told me growing up…shoulders back, chin up, and smile! It goes a long way! 

 Très Ashley Tips:

Don’t be afraid of color! I love the vivid blue one-piece above by JCPenney's A.N.A. because it's a slimming silhouette.
For bikinis-lightly padded tops give a flattering shape and boost. Embellishments like ruffles, beading, or vivid colors emphasize this part of your body (great if you’re small up top). String bikinis are adjustable for the perfect fit.
I love JCrew swimwear! This nautical bikini is très French and chic! Janie and Jack also has that très French style for your little girl.

I adore old Hollywood glamour and the Juicy Couture one piece above screams Ava Gardner! The rouching softens what you don't want to see!   

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