New Year Traditions from around the world

Welcome the New Year with traditions from around the world. This New Year, my neighbor's might find me circling my house with my suitcase. Happy New Year! xx

Cuba: circle your house with a suitcase at midnight to bring travel opportunities for the year.

Brazil: wear white to ward off evil spirits and jump seven ocean waves for each day of the week.

Chili: drop a gold ring in your champagne glass for a prosperous year. Also, eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight.

France: enjoy a family dinner with foie gras and champagne and a galette des rois.

Italy: wear red underwear for good luck and enjoy a special family meal.

Austria: eat suckling pig, marzipan and maybe enjoy a Strauss concert.

Scotland: people sing the Scottish song, 'Auld Lang Syne' at midnight. It's played around the world, but it started here with Robert Burns.

England: The first footing...the first person to enter a house on January 1st should be a male with dark hair bringing coal, bread or salt.

Spain: eat twelve with each ring of the bell when the clock strikes midnight.

Ireland: a single woman might put mistletoe under her pillow before she goes to sleep on New Year's Eve to dream of her future love.

Philippines: wear polka dots and eat oranges to ensure a prosperous year.

Columbia: sweep your house to get rid of the bad energy.

Denmark: stand on top of a chair and leap off at midnight.

Russia: write down a wish on a piece of paper, burn the paper and put the ashes in flute and drink your wish.

America: eat black eyed peas for good luck and ham and cabbage for prosperity.

Wishing you the happiest 2014!
Skaal! Prost! Na Zdorovje! Saude! Salud! A Votre Sante, Slainte! Cin Cin! Mabuhay! Cheers!

Happy Birthday Little Sister!!

Happy Birthday Paige!!

ma petite soeur, music maker in the city of Angels, expert taxi hailer

My sister is full of energy. I don't think she sleeps! She stayed over for Christmas and would have been game for staying up until the kids came downstairs in the early morning if I would have been up for it. 

Paige said to me yesterday, "I am liking my thirties more and more!" Amen sista! I'm five-and-a-half-years older than my sister so those words are music to my ears...she's growing up! I think one of Paige's charming qualities is that she will forever be a kid at heart (she's a lot like our Dad). 

When I think of Paige, I'm reminded of the Cheers show...everybody knows her name and they're always glad she came!

Many happy returns little sister! I'm glad you came for Christmas. I love you! xx

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Celebrating the Holidays at Walt Disney World

Anytime is a magical time to visit Walt Disney World, but from early November through a little after the New Year, is the most magical time of all. 

Cinderella's castle is breathtaking when it transforms into a wintry ice castle at night. Each Christmas tree you see is more beautiful than the one before. Our favorite Christmas experience was the time spent at Epcot. It was so much fun to learn about Christmas traditions from each country that we strolled through.

Disney World has such a dreamy effect on truly is one of the happiest places for the whole family. One of the most memorable times was riding the carousel with my children (here). Visiting during the holidays was extra special...the enchanting fireworks, parades, candle-lit ceremonies and every detail of the festive decorations is dressed to the nines. 

Walt Disney World is HUGE! Of course, we didn't do it all but we came away with some magical memories. This time of year is a wonderful time to visit. Have you been before? If so, what's on your "tops" list? Here's our family TOP FIVE of activities, rides and restaurants that we enjoyed. 

Bibbity Bobbity Boutique (Downtown Disney & Magic Kingdom) If you have a little girl who loves princesses, this is a dream come true. A Fairy Godmother-in-training will magically transform your daughter into the princess of her choice. 
Meeting Santa at his Chalet (Downtown Disney) Santa seemed so at home in Disney World...I think he vacations here. 
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (Magic Kingdom) Fireworks, Mickey AND Santa!!
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (Epcot) "Let there be Peace on Earth" finale narrated by Walter Cronkite gave me goosebumps...beautiful! You can get a fantastic view from anywhere that you stand. 
Jedi Training Academy (Disney's Hollywood Studios) A 20 minute training where junior jedi knights learn to use the force.

Soarin' (Epcot) Soarin' through California was just how I imagine hang-gliding would be. We loved this ride so much we rode it twice. The bonus was, while you wait in line there are interactive games to play on huge digital projection screens.
It's a Small World (Magic Kingdom) The singing children from around the globe made me smile when I was a child and it was my daughter's favorite ride. This classic 60's ride was made in support of UNICEF and has remained popular. 
The Seas with Nemo & Friends (Epcot) We loved riding a "clamobile” searching for Nemo through the vivid coral reefs. 
Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) This was my son's favorite ride. A rocket that launches you deep into the pitch black depths of outer space. 
Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom) Riding a doom buggy was exciting, especially when we caught a glimpse of ghosts hitching a ride. This supernatural journey was through an 18th century estate full of 999 ghosts. 

Akershus (Epcot) My little girl was beyond excited when Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Ariel visited our dining table. Ariel asked her to lead the Princess Procession...I thought she might faint! The Norwegian dinner was delicious. We enjoyed Norwegian smoked salmon and Scandinavian meatballs (kjottkaker) almost as much as the Princesses.
Coral Reef (Epcot) The panoramic windows gave us an incredible view of sharks, turtles and fish. It was like eating in the ocean. 
Biergarten (Epcot) My husband's favorite meal of the trip was here! The food was fabulous and so was the entertainment. My son was asked to light the Christmas tree after they danced to several oompah songs...Silent Night and the history behind it. 
Cinderella's Royal Table (Magic Kingdom) The stained-glass windows that overlook Fantasyland give a spectacular view (make your reservations early). 
Earl of Sandwich (Downtown Disney) The best sandwiches and a nice lunch break that's easy and relaxed.

Dancing to the oompah beat of a the German band at the Biergarten. Our favorite meal of the trip.

My daughter getting a princess hair-style. She chose the "Holiday Minnie." 

One of the most memorable times was riding the carousel with my children (here).

How cool are these jelly fish? A view from our "clamobile" searching for Nemo.

Joyeux Noel from France in Epcot!

After waiting a loooong time, someone was truly excited to finally be next for the Peter Pan ride. 

The Disney app was very helpful and we were very grateful we made dinner reservations early. Wishing you lots of Disney magic! xx 

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained. ~Walt Disney


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Our tree is up, decorations are out and we've had three glorious snow days off from work/school (have I mentioned I'm a teacher)!? My two young children have loved being home to decorate, bake and play. I've enjoyed the time to catch up and SHOP! Wishing you extra snow days to get your list completed before Christmas! 

Gifts for the Kids

Pirate Ship Rattles: Maileg toys are some of my favorites for my children. They can have endless hours of imaginative play.I can see both, my son and daughter playing together with this mermaid and pirate crew. $88.

Polaroid Instant Camera: Think instagram for kids. $69.99

The Happy Trunk: A monthly subscription to Happy Trunk will give a child a themed (science and art) activity box. Great for rainy days and snow days. starts at $58.95

Pogo Stick: Go old school with a Flybar. $41.97

Fanny at Chez Panisse: A Child's Restaurant Adventures with 46 Recipes: Open up the magical world of cooking to children with this charming book that shares how easy it is to make good food with basic ingredients. $17.09

Star Wars Folded Flyers: My son loves Star Wars AND paper airplanes. You can make 30 paper starfighters. $16.97

Discovery Space Center: This rocket will launch them into the galaxy of fun! $129.99

Gifts for Everyone

Travel America Calendar: Rifle Paper Co. makes the most charming stationary AND calendars. This one covers America. $26.

The Bakus Trivet: This would be a trivet of memories...holding up to 36 cork memories. $48.

Rust Designs Personalized Dinnerware: This is the perfect present! How special to eat off a personalized plate! The Birch designs are my favorite. starting at $55.

Photo Puzzle: Hours of fun for everyone! $24.99  

Panettone: It's an Italian Christmas tradition and it's a delicious crowd pleaser. $39.95

Cocktail glasses: This is the best time of year to say "cheers!" starting at $59.95

Gifts for Mom, Sister, Best Friend...

Ugg slippers: the only thing she'll want to wear on her feet. $90.

Magic Carpet Yoga Mat: aesthetically enhance her yoga practice with a hand-painted yoga mat. $98.

Flannel Pajamas: My husband joked that he's going to get me a pajama gram this year. It's actually a brilliant idea. I like these from Garnet Hill. $58.

Embroidered iphone case: Because you call her all the time! $38.

Gifts for Dad, Brother, Best Friend...

Scratch Map: Most people enjoy looking at maps. This one celebrates where you've been and inspires you to scratch off more places. $29.95

Gramophone Music Station: An old-fashioned docking station that just might make him want to play Fats Waller.

Biere Glasses: To help him better enjoy his favorite beer. These gold-plated dishwasher safe tumblers are perfect for game day. starts at $12. 

Cornhole Bag Toss Game: My brother had one of these when we went to visit him and the whole family loved playing.

I hope this helps you to finish your list. It was fun to create and find presents for every person and budget. Check gift guides from 20122011 and 2010 if you need more inspiration. Happy Shopping!!

LakeCities Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker

THE HOLIDAYS begin with the Stahlbaums' annual Christmas party...children hungry for presents, too much champagne and a kooky uncle who makes enchanted toys.

The whimsical world of E.T.A. Hoffman's The Nutcracker helps to take us on the journey with Clara Stahlbaum, a bubbly little girl whose parents are having a party on Christmas Eve.

For the evening of the sold out performance, the audience is joined together by the power of Tchaikovsky’s score, taking us back to 1892 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Kelly Lannin brings LakeCities Ballet Theatre to an outstanding professional level that is quite impressive for this little town of Lewisville, Texas. Lannin is a natural storyteller, taking the audience in scene by scene. This is LBT's 30th anniversary.

The Lewisville Lake Symphony lead by Adron Ming, brought The Nutcracker to life with LIVE MUSIC! There was even a harmonic section of the snow scene sung by a choir...goose bumps!

Herr Drosselmeier has once again shown up with his puppetry and magic tricks. Children in the audience sat still in their seats to see what was in the magical box…his wind-up Ballerina Doll, Ali Honchell, who danced sharp and snappy like a deconstructed ballerina.

A nutcracker doll is given to Clara by Drosselmeier, her mysterious uncle (played by the effervescent Kenn Wells). The luminous young Clara (Carley Denton) looked girlish and giddy as she ran and leapt with delight.

My son laughed and laughed at Clara's brother, Fritz (Nathan Bowen) galloping up and down with excitement...I think he could relate (wanting to play with his big sister's toy, and then accidently breaking it)!

The clock chimes and it's time for the guests to go, As soon as the house is quite in the Stahlbaum house, the mice creep out looking for cheese (more laughter).

During the battle scene, The Mouse King (Robert Stewart) gave a hilarious performance of his death, wanting to make sure he perished on the sofa (again my son cracked up).

The audience takes a journey through the snow guided by angels (one of them is my own). It's an "angel secret" how the angels appear to be floating across the stage...truly magical, truly angelic.

Amanda Evans sparkled as the Snow Queen. As the music developed, so did her dancing. 

Clara arrives in "The Kingdom of Sweets" and we see the Russian Baba flying high, Chinese Tea dance delicate and dainty, Spanish Chocolate battement big but it was Arabian Coffee that took my breath away. The Arabian duet was one of many standout performances. Faith Jones showed her amazing balance and crazy extensions. Shannon Beacham supported her with power and intensity.

The excitement built when Julie Kent, Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theater and Sascha Radetsky, Soloist with ABT graced the stage for their pas de deux.

All eyes were fixed on the beautiful Julie Kent who executed her variations with a sweetness and warmth. Kent has a gift to take a role and become that person. Julie Kent WAS the Sugar Plum Fairy. I am sad to know that after fifteen years, this was her final performance as Sugar Plum Fairy with LakeCities Ballet Theatre.

I had the privilege of being backstage with Julie Kent as a “room mom” for the angels and I loved seeing her look at the little girls with affection. I’m sure she’s a wonderful mother to her two young children.

The Nutcracker is often the first ballet people see and introduces children to the dance world. For the dancers, it's a path through one role after another marking the passage of time in a dancers' life. Backstage, I heard the dancers talking, "I remember when I was an angel."

It's ritual-like but the repetition year after year doesn't becomes more beautiful, and that is the power of the Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker.

It's really one of the happiest times in the year. Families and friends come together to watch The Nutcracker. It's especially special if they’ve come to watch a certain dancer. I had my two favorite dancers performing on the same stage, Julie Kent and my daughter.

Julie Kent said in an interview, "We all can be excellent in what we do. Art in particular helps to distill because the pursuit is really pure and noble."

Returning to familiar places where our happy memories were born and live on is always a journey that warms the heart. Families tend to recreate the journeys that have been taken together, to recapture the pure joy that lives in the moments we love to remember. Returning to The Nutcracker with family and friends was a new memory maker. Our newest angel inspired us to recall and appreciate the past as we await the future.

Above Photos: Nancy Loch Photography

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