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Happy Birthday Little Sister!!

Happy Birthday Paige!!

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My sister is full of energy. I don't think she sleeps! She stayed over for Christmas and would have been game for staying up until the kids came downstairs in the early morning if I would have been up for it. 

Paige said to me yesterday, "I am liking my thirties more and more!" Amen sista! I'm five-and-a-half-years older than my sister so those words are music to my ears...she's growing up! I think one of Paige's charming qualities is that she will forever be a kid at heart (she's a lot like our Dad). 

When I think of Paige, I'm reminded of the Cheers show...everybody knows her name and they're always glad she came!

Many happy returns little sister! I'm glad you came for Christmas. I love you! xx

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