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Let It Out...Dance All Day!

Dancers are a different breed. They dance ALL the time in regular everyday settings. A dancer doesn't just bend over to pick something up, they ponche, plié, cambre...I think most everyone has an urge to break out and dance. We are ALL dancers!

There is great joy found in movement and if we celebrate that happiness and dance when the mood strikes us, we'd be happier! Dance is magical; it makes us feel alive! How many of us look forward to getting into our car so we can blast the speakers and let go of the day with a song that makes us happy and feel like dancing? That feeling escalates when we can fully move to it. If that mood strikes and the feeling to dance takes over in the middle of the work day instead of at a concert, club, when you're cleaning your anyway and you'll bring smiles to those around you.

Jordan Matter is a photography genius for capturing this feeling in an exquisite book, Dancers Among Us. Matter photographes professional dancers in unconventional places like offices, crossing a busy street, climbing a tree...Dancers can tell stories with their body's and an everyday person can relate to the feeling they create. This book is a reminder that there is beauty and joy in all of us and we should jeté whenever and wherever the mood strikes. 

This is just a taste of photographer, Jordan Matter's Dancers Among Us. It's one of those books you can keep flipping through and continue to find inspiration and imagination over and over again.

Similar to Jordan Matter's photography is a dance music video that follows three dancers (Anne Marsen, Daisuke Omiya, and John Doyle) across New York City. It's fascinating to see how people interact to dance in a public space. Jacob Krupnick's "Girl Walk//All Day," spreads the joy of movement and inspires you to find that joy in your own everyday scenario.

The soundtrack to Girl Walk//All Day is a dancer's best friend. D.J. Girl Talk is a master mashup musician. Play a Girl Talk remix and you will have the urge to boogie around the town too! I can't get enough of Let It Out! You can't help but move and shake in a joyful way. Think: Rihanna, ELO, Devo, General Public, Jay Z...See Girl Walk//All Day for yourself here. Watch it on your lunch break and you'll have an extra zip to your step.

Be inspired by artists Jordan Matter, Jacob Krupnick and Girl Talk then DANCE like no one's watching!

Family photo of me and my children dancing at the beach.

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