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Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday Dad!
Coach, Tarheel football player, singer and more.

My Dad's signature phrase is, "Give great effort!" It's become my motto in life and anyone that is around him feels inspired to "give great effort too.
He's a terrific grandfather and dad. My children call him "Coach!" It's the perfect name for him because he coached most of the teams my brother and sister and I played on. He still coaches today (my daughter's soccer team).  

My Dad is a natural singer, actor and comedian. He captivates an audience with his voice...he always finds a way to make people smile! When I was three, I fell and busted my eye. I had to have stitches and cried inconsolably until my Dad started singing, Blue Moon. My Dad's voice is magic!

He knows all the words to the songs of the fifties and sixties. He has many "hat tricks." One of them is singing Louis Armstrong's, What a Wonderful World. It's the perfect song for him because it's just how he sees life. He loves to be outside watering his trees and pondering about the good things in life.

I see trees of green........ red roses too
I see em bloom..... for me and for you
And I think to myself.... what a wonderful world.

Another Dad song... singing Besame Mucho to our Bassett Hound named Besame Mucho.

My Dad loves to watch the Texas Ranger's, eat ice cream, pistachios, and drink vanilla malts. He'd be up for a swim at midnight if you asked him. I can always count on my Dad to spin me around the dance floor.

When I was little, I heard my parent's arguing. I stood up for my Dad and said to my mom, "Daddy is a good man!" My Dad IS a good man, he's done plenty of good things but the best thing of all is how much he loves his family. 

You're a good man Dad! I love you! Many Happy Returns!

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