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Return to Rosemary


Florida beaches are easy to fall in love with…the gulf coast wind, salty sea smell and the sound of the waves crashing on the sugar sand. There’s not a more relaxing vacation in my opinion.
When you go back to the same place, you really start to explore it.

Returning to Rosemary Beach, we were thrilled to see Coastal Living’s fifteenth anniversary Ultimate Beach House on tour. The tour continues through October 7th. Be sure to get Coastal Living’s October issue to see the Rosemary Beach spread. My mom said that it was the most amazing house she’d ever seen. Walking away from Kingston Road, I left with design and decorating ideas for my own home. If you see it, I promise you will too. 
I’m one of those travelers who prefers to return to places I already know. I’m pretty sure that I’m in good company, because most of the Rosemary Beach vacationers we saw were revisiting like us.
Rosemary Beach feels like a beach buffet of seaside delights (the emerald coast, Tapas, white sugar sand, and the Sugar Shak)…it truly is a watercolor of a vacation.
Going to the beach you gain the luxury of time, free from classrooms of children, schedules and obligations. It doesn't matter if the summer days are so hot that a haze hangs in the air because you can cool off with lemonade and the splash of the ocean waves.
Viewing Rosemary Beach through photographs doesn’t do it justice, you must live it, breathe it, feel it, play in it, do ballet in it…Rosemary Beach is worth seeing. It has that nostalgic feeling…it’s the kind of place you imagine your grandparent’s went to when they were children.

A lot of people don’t want to try something different because their past vacation memories were so special. People like to return to where they had a good time.
There are lots of rituals and traditions that go along with returning to the same place. Even the long sixteen hour car ride is looked upon with excitement…anticipating the first sight of the gulf.
The week flew by. On the last day, sitting next to my mom under the umbrella and watching my children play “jump the waves” I said out loud, “I can’t wait to come back next year.”

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