La Primavera...enjoyed more fully after spring cleaning

Spring…Primavera! It’s here and it’s grand. Outside the colors are vibrant and fresh. I’m fantasizing about taking a nap on my back patio and relishing in spring like Botticelli's three dancing Graces. 

Spring cleaning on the other hand, is something I dread. I don't imagine Botticelli's three Graces having to do spring cleaning. Over spring break, that’s just what I did. Going through my son and daughter’s room for a few days straight was dreadful. Sifting through the past few years of memories and deciding what to keep was something I’ve been putting off for a long, long time.

I had help. My mom was like Botticelli's cupid, targeting me to focus on uncluttering. She was my second set of eyes and with several boxes we managed to make since of their rooms again…now much more age suitable (and I can close their drawers).

Spring cleaning requires much needed therapy. I found mine in yoga class and at the Dallas Arboretum. My yoga teacher began class by saying, “It’s spring and it’s time to clean out the clutter.” Cleaning out the clutter physically means you clean clutter out of your head too. It feels so good.

Clean the clutter out of your child’s backpack and out of your counter with this must have app artkive. I don't feel guilty about throwing away my child’s art/school work…take a picture of it and then artkive it.

Take some reading material with you before you take that nap in your back yard. There are several websites that help you to unclutter and be more productive Unclutter, Lifehack, Dumblittleman, 43folders and Martha’s spring organizing tips

Rewarding yourself for your uncluttering is absolutely necessary. I suggest an outing to enjoy the beautiful spring time weather. You could feel like this...

Celebrating La Primavera at the Dallas Arboretum.

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