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Ten Things I've Learned From My Mom

Happy Mother's Day to my mom!
I've learned so many things from her... these are just a few.

1. ALWAYS send a thank you noteIt will always be appreciated, bring good feelings and never be forgotten.
2. HOW to make the perfect red sauce. 4T extra virgin olive oil, 4 garlic cloves, 1/2 C red wine, 1/2 t crushed red pepper flakes, 28 oz can Italian tomatoes chopped, pinch of salt and sugar, 2 T chopped fresh basil. 
3. WHEN in doubt, wear red. When my parents were married, my Dad told my Mom he loved it when she put on red lipstick. He liked her lips red so much that he nicknamed her Rita.
4. HOW to make the perfect bow for a present. She an expert bow maker. Her presents under the Christmas tree are the most beautiful. I love to save her bows.
5. DANCE and follow your dreams. She was supportive of me for majoring in dance because she knew it was my dream to become a professional dancer.

6. AN appreciation for old movies. The Bells of St. Mary's, Weathering Heights, Roman Holiday, Casablanca...My mom would make us hot tea and we'd get cozy on the couch for a black and white movie (it's a bonus if it's raining). 
7. NEVER discuss sex, politics and religion.  Of course she's right, it's just in poor taste. 

8. FAMILY comes first.
She has always put family first. She is selfless. 

9. HOW to fix most anything for my children. When in doubt, I can always call my mom. Her knowledge is fast effecting medicine to my ears. 
10. THE most important thing that I've learned from my mom is that she is ALWAYS right! What's funny is that she says the same thing about her mother, my grandmother.

My Mom has always been able to make me smile. Wishing you the Happiest Mother's Day! xx
Pictures from my third birthday party.

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