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Happy Birthday to my Little Brother!!

 Happy Birthday Sean!!
Funny Uncle, hostess with the mostess, dog lover and family man!

We called my brother Sean the morning of his birthday to send him good wishes on the way to school. My children talked non-stop (sometimes at the same time) and he was so patient. I think he would have let them keep talking all day if I let them.

Sean is the middle child which means he's empathetic and independent. He's also a really good negotiator...even with children.

I was looking up my brother's birthday personality on a site called The Secret Language (it's so fun, you have to check out). Sean's birthday report read, "Can be found with a hint of a smile on their lips and a twinkle in their eye. They like nothing more than entertaining or being entertained. This couldn't be more spot on for my brother. My children love their Uncle Sean for this reason...he's a thoughtful entertainer and also appreciates being entertained by children. 

This is a picture of me and my brother at the kid table. It reminds me so much of my son and daughter having their own "coffee talk!" 
My brother was a great playmate. There's a three year age difference between us. We always had fun playing wheels, Barbies, Atari, or Pac Man. I loved being his big sister...and still do.
Here we are the day of my wedding. I could not look at my brother because I knew I would cry. 

Sean and my beautiful sister-in-law Jeyhan. They were high school sweethearts, a gorgeous couple and now a sweet little family.

My sister Paige and brother Sean at our cousin's wedding in San Miguel de Allende. This was one of the most fun family trips of all time. 
Here we are as teenagers. We've had a lot of fun together Sean. Here's to our children having the same kind of fun growing up together. 

Many happy returns Sean!

I love you!

xx, Ashley

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