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Happy Fall! Links to make you smile!!

Cozy weekend mornings in the fall are the best! It's nice to open up the windows and let in the fresh cool air. My children love to listen to the birds sing, and watch the many bunnies in our yard hop around while I make breakfast. The smell of bacon and pumpkin muffins perfume our back patio. We stay in our pajamas as long as we can.

Don't we all live for the weekends? I never want them to end. Early fall mornings are a treat for the senses.

I've made a wish list of things I want to do this fall. It's pretty simple and I'm sure it will be easy to accomplish. Cheers to autumn and may your weekends go by as slow as molasses.

1. Laugh. If we're living for the weekends, there needs to be more laughter during the work week. My fellow teacher friends shared two clips with me that gave me such a good belly laugh. Laughing is the best!

2. Watch old movies. My children are at ages now when they will watch them with me. Roman Holiday is ready for us this weekend.

3. Buy a cozy blanket. Remember building forts when you were a kid? Well, most of our blankets are used just for that. I need a movie-watching blanket for my fort on the sofa. I like this one.

4. Bake. Perfect my pumpkin muffins and make apple cider donuts.

5. Go to the State Fair of Texas. Eat fried foods (specifically the Awesome Deep Fried Nutella), check out the haunted houses and ride the farris wheel.

6. Make soup. My children like to sing Maurice Sendak's words with Carol King, "Sipping once, sipping twice, sipping chicken soup with rice."  There's nothing more cozy that coming home from the cold soccer field and warming up our two little soccer players' tummies with soup.

7. Drink more chocolate chai tea. Enough said.

8. Wear navy. It compliments fall's brilliant blue sky so well. I'm loving this color for my nails.

Life's too short to be busy enjoy your fall!

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