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Many Happy Returns to my Mom!!

Happy Birthday Coco!
One of my funniest memories of my mom was when we went to a drive through for lunch one day. I think it must have been quite the day because we stopped at the first window, paid...then bypassed the second window and FORGOT our lunch! I remember my mom asking me to pass over her drink...I can still hear us laughing, "Oh my gosh! We just paid and drove away!" When we came back for our lunch the lady at the window couldn't stop cracking up at us...we couldn't stop laughing either! I'm grateful my mom and I are brunettes!
 My beautiful Mom...Maid of Cotton!
We've had a lot of good times together in NYC when my sister used to live there. This trip was just the two of us there for a friends wedding. This was such a fun trip, but this happened.
My Mom with my son. Just look at those happy faces! 
Always a Daddy's girl.

Many happy returns Mom! We love you so much! xx

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