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Five Fun Fab Ways to Free Yourself For Fall

fWhen you're busy, it's essential to find the time to do what makes you happy.

Call a good friend, find your downward chien, make a plan to do something that excites you.

Work, dinner, children, laundry, cleaning, bills, relationships, exercise...all need tending to.  Take it as it comes and when you have a window, here are some suggestions on how you can find comfort and fun in a snap.

Sip: hot tea. Tea is comforting and soothing to the soul. I find that most things can be solved with a nice cuppa. Try Mariage Freres De Stress green tea. 

Do: yoga. Practicing yoga can help to center and inspire you to be the best mom, wife and worker. Namaste! Find a yoga class near you here.

Eat: comfort food. Chicken Pot Pie is my go to comfort food and Ina's recipe just can't be beat.  I like to deglaze my vegetables with a German beer. Eating comfort food makes you happy from the inside out. Chicken pot pie is one of my favorite things to make in the fall.

Wear: whatever makes you sing, "I feel pretty!" Feeling feminine in wearing pretty clothes does wonders for your confidence and it seems to add zip and pep to your step. You could always wear the ever so feminine Austrian dirndl to your local Oktoberfest and feel like Leisl in the Sound of Music singing Sixteen Going on Seventeen...sounds like fun to me! 

Plan: something fun to do that you can look forward to. Fall Football games, concerts, Oktoberfest... Dr. Suess said, "Fun is good." It's is simple as that, you just can't beat it. My husband and I recently went to the Alabama/Michigan game and had the best time. We both graduated from the University of Alabama and were in our element surrounded by Bama fans. Fall football is fun...simple as that! Beer goes so well with football, why not sample some German beer at your local Oktoberfest? Make fun a priority! Prost!

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