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Apricot Lane Inspired Top Ten Fall Fashion Picks

When I hear Earth, Wind & Fire's, Do you remember the 21st night of September, I'm in the mood to dig through my stash of cool-weather clothes. But if that September search through your sweaters and jeans leaves you uninspired, you know it's time for a fall wardrobe update.

I recently had the "21st of September" fever and picked up some fall fashion at a very hip DFW boutique, Apricot Lane. I spoke with owner Cristi Hargroves. She is a mother of three and the youngest, Dylan, was one of my second graders. I also spoke to Apricot Lane's PR representative and mom Stacey Graham.

Cristi shared with me that she has always had a passion for shopping. When I asked her how she finds balance as a working mom she admits it's very hard. She feels very guilty when she has to miss a soccer, baseball, or track event; but loves her work and says that it ultimately it makes her a better mom. Her three kids and husband are extremely proud of her and even get in on the action. Cristi's oldest daughter, Darby, went to market with them in Vegas before school started and has already developed a precise eye and style of her own.

I loved walking into Cristi's store and feeling that Texas hospitality. Apricot Lane is a warm and inviting store that immediately makes you comfortable. Customer Service is tops and they are very knowledgeable about their designers.
Apricot Lane is laid out so you can imagine piecing together the new, stylish, updated you. I really like that you see local designers like G Wear and Humanity mixed with trendy and hot designers like True Religion, 7 for all Man Kind, Free People, and Rock & Republic. There is something for everyone at Apricot Lane. Both Moms and daughters can shop together and each can find a look that is age appropriate and fashionable. You will find premium high quality denim and affordable accessories, layering pieces, and specialty items at Apricot Lane.

What I love about shopping in a boutique like Apricot Lane is that you can always find unique items. The shopping experience in a boutique is also much more intimate than the mall. I also like that you are supporting the local economy by shopping at small business.

Apricot Lane inspired Top Ten Fall Fashion Picks:

1. Jeans- Something Cristi's store had an abundance of was jeans. Yves Saint Laurent said, "I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, and simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes." Buying jeans can be as stressful as buying a swimsuit! There is no "best jean!" You just pick the jean that fits you perfectly. I have often thought there should be a Zagat guide for certain clothing, but especially jeans! There are so many brands, styles, and fits: embellished, boyfriend, skinny, jegging (jean/legging), bootcut, straight, equestrian, pregnancy, white jeans...But you know what? I typically wear only one pair constantly because I know that one pair fits me perfectly and the brand also happens to be my sister's name, Paige! Being a working mom of young children, I do most of my shopping online; but for jeans, you really must try on several in a store to find your best fit. Apricot Lane is the perfect store to do this in. Cristi shared, she trains her staff to be jean savvy. She says you have to be able to look at the body type and see what style would work best for a customer.

Apricot Lane's fur vest.jpg
2. Fur- Fur is fabulous! It makes me feel movie star glamorous! The French have their scarves, Americans their jeans, and Italians their fur. I am Italian (I wish)! I know, I know...we live in Texas where it rarely gets cold enough for a fur coat. This is actually in our benefit because then we can play with fur as an accessory. The fur stole is a classic! My cousin Rachel got married in Aspen and she wore the most beautiful fur stole with her wedding dress. The look was unique, glamorous, and perfect for Aspen. Always dress appropriate for your surroundings. My most favorite piece of clothing I own is a vintage fur jacket! Whenever I wear it I feel happy, glamorous, chic and Italian!

Rachel's Aspen wedding fur.JPG
3. Military Influence- Military CAN be feminine; look for embellishments. Olive is a beautiful color on most skin types. But be careful, a little military goes a long way.

olive dress.jpg
4. Lace- Lace can be dark and edgy, or soft and feminine. Just a touch of lace on a blouse can add elegance and have you channel your inner Grace Kelly.

5. New Neutrals- Camel is classic! This fall try mixing it with charcoal or navy for looks that are très classy.
Think beyond the Michael Kors country club look and try casual camel paired with denim.

6. Knits- As soon as it gets chilly we want to reach for our favorite cozy knit sweater. The chunky texture of knit is hard to beat for how it makes us feel. It's nice to find a soft knit that you can layer, especially in Texas. I love the homemade feel of knit; it's warm and makes me feel like having hot chocolate next to the fire place. Just as you did as a child, knit makes you feel safe and comfortable. I think of babies in little knit hats. Stitches of Faith does this well. No matter the age, knit always feels right.

7. Accessories- To me, the easiest and most inexpensive way to update your wardrobe (even if it's not September) is with accessories. Apricot Lane is featured in this month's People Style Watch carrying SR Squared bags. They are soft, roomy, durable, and stylish. I can imagine loading up an SR Squared bag with my life: teacher papers, ballet and Pilates gear, and of course sippy cups! Also look for colorful leather bracelets, chunky metal necklaces, wide waist cinching belts, and gray leather.

8. Accent Colors-deep warm colors. Purple, my favorite color, is very in! Also see magenta, teal, and emerald. Last week's Project Runway had an outfit I would so love to have. Mondo's challenge win features the textured purple but then mixes it with an unexpected nautical top. I love this look!

Mondo's PR win.jpg
9. Eco Friendly- Faux fur and leather, recycled fabrics, organic cottons. I love the G Wear shirts. You can meet the designer Stephen this Thursday at the Highland Village store!
g wear.jpg
10. Zippers- an edgy detail on leggings, jeans, jackets, and tops. Even Hello Kitty is getting in on the action. My daughter's Hello Kitty skirt is adorned with a fashionable zipper!

Bonus- The Little White Dress! My motto for fall fashion, do wear white after Labor Day! Every girl needs a LWD and this is it for me!
Ashley's LWD.jpg
Do you ever notice, when we look good we feel better. Think about walking into take an exam that you are totally unprepared for; it's a horrible feeling! The same with leaving the house and not feeling good about what you're wearing. When you walk out of the house, you are sending a message to the people you see. If your message is, "I don't care!" Then it's likely the people you come in contact with might not care about you. Truly, if other people can see that you care about them (and some of that comes from your appearance) they are more likely to care about you. Use what you have and gradually add and introduce trends to your wardrobe. This is what makes for personal and creative style. It's all in the details!

Find the Apricot Lane closest to you and update your fall fashion. Make sure you sign up on their email list and get the "Must Have!" A basic item selected that is at a discount for preferred customers.

• Apricot Lane at The Shops at Highland Village
• Apricot Lane at Firewheel Town Center in Garland
• Apricot Lane at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco
• Apricot Lane at Watters Creek in Allen

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