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I will survive May...with chocolate!

May is such a busy month! There are: graduations, ball games, recitals, school award programs, end-of-year parties...I naturally increase my chocolate intake during the month of May!

It's too easy to say, "I'm so busy!" Everyone is busy the month of May, everyone's head is spinning! Just think, if there was an "I'm so busy" jar in your front office and people had to pay a $1 every time they said, "I'm so busy!" A lot of money would be made the month of May!! Your office could buy lots of chocolate!

I often think of Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind when she says, "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow." I am the queen of saying, "I'll think about that tomorrow." What happens is, I think about it in the middle of the night and then I can't sleep!

Photo: The most relaxing place on Earth...Positano, Italy

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Moms always have the best intentions to do it all and they get carried away in the "survival of May mode." My husband and I have a painting of Positano, Italy in our bedroom. I wake up in the morning and for a brief moment, fantasize we are there with no schedule to maintain. Then I get up and take a cold shower! I bet most of your Facebook friends say their status is "busy" right now. I recently told someone, "I can't breathe!" She said, "Oh, I know! My allergies are terrible too!" Actually, my allergies are terrible, but that's not what I meant! I didn't bother to tell her though because I know, EVERYONE is BUSY!

I know once June arrives things will start to settle down. But wait!! That's when the in-laws come! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!! Okay, maybe July?!?

I so look forward to being able to concentrate on a book again, throwing my list out the door, and telling my children, "Sure, you can have another popsicle!" I am trying to read a book now, which is ridiculous because I can't focus! "Mortenson opened his eyes. The dawn was so calm that he couldn't make sense of the frantic desire he felt to breathe."

I CLOSE my eyes and think, I can't breathe! I open them and try again but it's no use, I can't focus! Grocery lists, laundry, dinner, papers to grade all cloud my head. Does Zooey have something green to wear tomorrow (she only wears green)? I've got to get the oil changed in my car! We need a new hot water heater! I HAVE to stop by the store to get diapers for Quincy. Oh, I should get more chocolate too!

Relax, you love to read and Three Cups of Tea is supposed to be an amazing book. "Mortenson opened his eyes. The dawn was so calm that he couldn't make sense of the frantic desire he felt to breathe." Merde! Merde! Merde! I get on Facebook and Twitter instead and read what other people are doing! The problem isn't the book, it's May! Where's the chocolate?

A fellow teacher Amy Ball says, "This pops in my head each May, but I think that May is crazier than December! Probably, because it actually starts getting crazy in April and goes through June. At least Summer Break lasts longer." Amy, I'll get you some chocolate at the store!

If you're reading this now, I'm impressed you found a window during the month of May! Thank you for finding the time to See! Have you read Three Cups of Tea? I WILL read this book and I'll read it with Three... Cups of (Reese's) Chocolate!

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