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Happy Sausages!

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Everybody loves sausage! Perhaps no one more than German speaking culture. They seem to have quite a fetish (fetish sounds like Fleisch, meat)  about sausage and they have many sausage sayings!

My friend and native Austrian recently taught me one that I love and I know I'm guilty of overusing it but it seems to work for all those little things in life that really don't matter...Ist mir Wurst (It's sausage to me or It's all the same to me). To say that something doesn't matter, it's like "Wurst" because sausage is part of daily life in German speaking cultures. Oh those little things we can get stuck on when really it's just all sausage!!!

Like many German speakers, Americans also love sausage! Adults and children have grown up learning the sausage anthem...

Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener
That is what I truly want to be
Because if I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener
Everyone would be in love with me!

Think about going to baseball games, to me it would be unsatisfactory without having a ballpark frank!

You can always count on food to describe how you really feel. What hunger is in relation to food, zest is in relation to life; and laughter is the food of life! Here are some of my favorite German sausage sayings...

Wurst wieder Wurst- literally means: sausage against sausage, meaning: tit for tat
Sich durchs Leben Wursteln- literally means: to sausage oneself through life, meaning: to muddle your way through life
Jemanden die Wurst vor der Nase halten-literally means: to hold a sausage in front of somebody's nose, meaning: to tempt someone
Es ist mir Wurst- literally means: It's sausage to me, meaning: It doesn't matter to me

Most German speakers probably couldn't imagine a world without Wurst. That might be what we would call a "Wurst" case scenario! Meat is meat, but sausage carries the German culture.

Americans have vending machines for cokes and candy bars; our cravings are sweet. I remember having a layover in Frankfurt and seeing a vending machine that had different kinds of sausage.
Wurst vending machine.jpg

Einstein was maybe not the perfectionist we think with his "mir Wurst" attitude on a paper about quantum theory. A paper written by Hans Ohanian was based on the uncertainty principle and it mentions both position and momentum. Einstein commented "Ist mir Wurst!" Knowing this actually makes me have a different kind of respect for Einstein. I love the "mir Wurst" attitude and think people who have it are healthy and relaxed!

Another culture I'm slightly obsessed with is that of the French. I've read that when the French are bored with your conversation, they might say, "Et moi j'ai mange une pomme ce matin." And I ate an apple this morning! This would be to let you know you are not interesting!! It's très rude, but I love it!! The Spanish might say when they feel you're talking nonsense, me importa un comino! I don't give a cumin! And my favorite is a saying that comes from a Fellini Italian movie title, La Dolce Vita (Don't we all want the "sweet life")?

When life gives you sausage, apples, and cumin make something with it!!! Knowledge and appreciation of the languages and culture of others provides an enhanced perspective of our own lives. Hopefully, that kind of knowledge can teach us not to take ourselves too seriously, and help us see humor and pleasure in our own lives.

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